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Mattresses for Life !!

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Saving Your Posture Since Years !!

POSTURESAVER SERIES (Ortho Mattress) is the culminations of years of R&D. Researches have shown that our spines are naturally curved & a too-firm mattress can cause ache and pains on your delicate pressure points.


So, we introduce POSTURESAVER SERIES mattresses that achieve a fine balance between right back support and comfort with its multi-layered high density PUF and rebounded foam. This ensures that your spine is in perfect alignment for deep sleep.

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That Pampers your Nights since years
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Retaining shapes of your spine since forever !!

Made up of the best quality natural organics, NaturaLatex Series is designed in cell structures that alleviate the high pressure points of your bodies for perfect spinal alignment. Natural Latex is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial to provide stress free long sleep. 


1.  Ability to conform to your body’s curves, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed.

2.  Capability to support any sleeping position, guaranteeing the a restful nigh’s sleep.

3.  Free of odors, environmentally safe and breathable.

4.  Great ventilation property, which makes them one of the best choice for those who suffer from Ashthma.

5.  Virtually dust mite resistant and great anti-microbial properties.

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For Your long & Tight Sleeps..!!

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Back Support Mattress of your choice !!

PROLATEX is an active bouncing mattress that provides EQUITABLE BACK SUPPORT for stress free sleep.

PRO-LATEX is build around High Resilient Ultra PU Foam Cell Structures (HRUPFS) making it homogeneous, elastic and comfort. It discharges stale air and fresh air keeping the  comfort for deep sleep and support your spine.


1.  Ability to conform to your body’s curves, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed.

2.  Capability to support any sleeping position, guaranteeing the deep restful sleep.

3.  Free of odors, environmentally safe and breathable.

4.  Great ventilation property, which makes them one of the best choice for those who

     suffer from Ashthma.

5.  Virtually dust mite resistant and possess great anti-microbial properties.

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For Your Beautiful Happy Moments

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Mattress that your body loves...

SPINESAVER SERIES is our f Pocketed Spring Mattresses. The individually encased Pocketed Springs in it's design distribute body pressure equally, provides corner to corner support, works together to contour to your body’s unique shape while still maintaining a conventional spring design.


It's specially designed structure not only relieves various pressure point across your body but also diminishes motion and movement transfer to help you with no disturbance sleep.


1- Equally distributes pressure through overall, corner to corner support.

2- Coils work together to contour to the body’s unique shape.

3- Relieves various pressure points across the body.

4- Decreases motion and movement transfer, virtually eliminating partner disturbance.

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Luxurious & Economical- Sath Sath


Bonnel Spring Matress of yours choice !!

SPINEBACK SERIES is our  bonnell spring mattresses. Spineback mattress blends superior coiled and bonnell springs with HDPU memory foam to deliver deep luxury that supports the back and spine while massaging tired muscles. It eliminates all pressure points for deep sleep. This range is part of Spineopedic India original product line and provides comfort solutions that emphasize ideal sleeping postures. Designed to provide great value and offer various levels of comfort, from firm to soft. Spineback mattress are tried, trusted and treasured.


1- Helps spreading body weight all over the mattress equally.

2- Features the oldest and most traditional form of inner spring.

3- Provides great value and offer various levels of comfort.

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Exactly how you like it !!



KOOLSLEEP Mattress series has been launched considering R&Ds done on human body posture requisites and are inclined at giving you the most comfortable sleep towards a healthy life.


1- Helps spreading body weight all over the mattress equally.

2- Value for Money Product

Spineopedic koolsleep

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 Mother's Prime Choice!!


"MATTRESS-SAVER" a liquid protection ultra sonic membrane specially made with imported ultra sonic quilted water-proof protector. Mattress-Saver provides a 100% protection to your mattress from leakage of any sort of liquid.


Not only this, Mattress-Saver is an innovative Miracle Membrane & a certified bedding protector. It acts as barrier to Bedding-bugs and Dust-mites & is water- proof giving your mattresses a smart, elegant and a long lasting life.


1 -Luxurious ultra sonic quality on top.

2- Super absorbent breathable cotton fabric.

3- Filling with poly-fiber for cushioning.

4- Durable Water-proof coating at bottom.


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Worth living a life king size !!



Eurolite comfort- puf cushions


- Complete Body Comfort with proper back and seat support

                                                                                                                                           - Enhance comfort and durability

- Air fresh technology to preserve hygiene and eliminate bad odor

                                                                                                                                          - Unique composition with extra material

- Particles are a scientific breakthrough in furniture cushioning                                                                                

                                                                                                                                           -  High resilience cushioning technology

 - State of the art technology offering improved durability


eurolite poster.png
eurolite poster.png

Eurolite- A perfect range of Mattress-Pillow-Cushions !!

Pillow range

Your Perfect sleep partner

Spineopedic Pillow Range has been designed to provide your shoulder blade and neck the right support that it needs to make your sleep the most comfortable. We offer a wide range of pillow and cushions for different age groups of people so that your family gets pillows for all the family members as per their body type. 

Check out the variety of pillows that we offer-


Spineopedic is constantly working on providing your the best sleep products possible to make your life easier and healthier even while your are dreaming with closed eyes or aiming with open eyes.

We would love you to try our products to help yourself with the best quality sleep ever.


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